Gay Japanese Boys Piss On Each Other

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It’s time for Koji’s Revenge on Tatsushi! You may remember our video a couple weeks back called ‘Sake Sex Games.’ In that video, Koji lost a game of ‘Paper Scissors Rock’ with Tatsushi and was forced to become his sex slave. Now, it’s time for his revenge. He’s going to piss all over Tatsushi’s face! The only issue is, he’s a bit pee shy, and seeing that he had a huge load of piss hanging in his balls, Tatsushi returned the favor and unleashed his piss all over Koji. Now, both boys still soaking wet in piss, continue the fun in the living room. Tatsushi sucks off Koji’s cock, licking up the pee. Then this dirty, horny boy helps Koji to shoot his cum. Tatsushi loves nothing more then lapping up cum, and takes it all in his mouth before having some dirty cum filled kisses with Koji.

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